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O.pen Now in West Virginia O.pen Now in West Virginia O.pen Now in West Virginia O.pen Now in West Virginia O.pen Now in West Virginia
o.pen vape pen


Since 2012, O.pen has been an industry leader cannabis vaporizer. Available in a variety of oil formulations and 510-thread batteries, O.pen has something for everyone's cannabis preference and price point.

alchemy naturals thc gummies

Alchemy Naturals

'Traditional' means of managing your wellness just weren't cutting it for us so we decided to take a new perspective on an all-natural Rx. Grounded in science and rooted in plant medicine, we combine all-natural ingredients from the cannabis plant and beyond to create a magical symphony of flavor and efficacy with each delicious gummy.

Firefly 2+ dry herb vaporizer


Designed with love and respect for the plant. The Firefly 2+ was designed by a former Apple designer and meticulously crafted with no expense spared to deliver the best vapor for dry herbs and concentrates alike.

vermont cannabis products

Ceres Collaborative

Pioneers of the Vermont cannabis market and champions of safe access to medical cannabis. Ceres Collaborative provides the highest quality, locally-grown cannabis to both the medical and adult-use cannabis markets of Vermont.

GHSC x Strain Hunters Partnership

Green House Seed Co x Strain Hunters

Green House Seed Company’s history dates back to 1983 when Arjan, the King of Cannabis, began growing exotic strains collected during his travels to sell to the first coffeeshops in Amsterdam. He quickly started breeding seeds by crossing his favorite strains and in 1992 the first official Green House Coffeeshop opened its doors. Over the last 34 years the GHSC x Strain Hunters have collected some of the most unique and rare genetics from landraces all over the world…and the hunt is still on!

SLANG Worldwide is proud to offer select genetics via this partnership in vape cartridges.


SLANG partners with best-in-class operators in key markets where cannabis islegal to enable expansion via a capital-light model.