What Makes A Good Cannabis Brand?

A question that every consumer products company asks themselves eventually. You’ve got to be unique without being obscure. Available to current customers, but also easy to find for new ones. Have a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability when it comes to things like quality, price, and distribution.

And when it comes to cannabis, you’ve got to do all of that while also contending with the fact that every state is its own market, with its own unique rules and characteristics.

That particular wrinkle can make branding an especially big challenge for cannabis companies. Some have opted to focus on a specific state or product category. Others, like SLANG Worldwide Inc. (OTC:SLGWF) have gone the other route, creating a diversified portfolio of six brands across different product segments. In late-July the company announced its expansion into Oklahoma, making it the 12th state in which SLANG brands are available.

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